Seu Trinh

Kingswell is hyped on our friend Seu, He has been a major component in getting Patrick, Daniel and DJ published in the mags over the years. Finding a good photographer that you synch with is a very important part of the life of a professional skateboarder, and we’re happy to have found such a homie in Mr Trinh.


Rodney Mullen photo for the cover of Transworld.

Rodney Mullen pour#1 Rodney Mullen deck placing Rodney Mullen walking Rodney Mullen pour#2 Mullen_SeuTrinh_PhotographySeries

Theories goes down South.

The boys over at Theories got the crew together and headed down south to dodge the harsh New York winter, and for many of them, to get back in touch with their roots in Florida.  This video is the result of 10 days of street skating, several demos, and some deep sea diving.  Featuring riders from all of their brands.